Indie Retro News: Aliens Neoplasma II Returns

Indie Retro News: Aliens Neoplasma II

The game ‘Aliens NeoPlasma’ for the Spectrum, developed by the Sanchez crew from the Russian Federation, was a horror platformer based on the Aliens movie theme. Now, a sequel called “Aliens Neoplasma II” has been released for the ZX Spectrum 128k and ZX Spectrum Next. The story follows Lieutenant Smith in a Weyland-Yutani lab, facing trained guards, an AI, and xenomorphs in her quest for vengeance.

Features of the game include:
– Available in English, Russian, Spanish, Belarussian, and Ukrainian languages.
– ZX Spectrum Next version supports 60Hz screen refresh rate.
– Enable disk writing in the emulator settings for TRD version.
– Real hardware recommended for ZX Spectrum Next version due to emulator limitations.

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