Indie Retro News: The Quest for Tony Montezuma’s Treasure

Indie Retro News: Tony Montezuma's Gold

The final version of the C64 game ‘Tony’ by Monochrome Productions is set to be released soon. This platformer game features monochrome graphics reminiscent of classic Macintosh games. The game creators, including Rafał Dudek, Maciej Małecki, Adam Gilmore, and Sami “Mutetus” Juntunen, have provided a video preview of the game. The game is also available as a boxed edition published by K&A Plus Magazine, offering players a pixelated journey inspired by real-life explorer Tony Halik. The game credits include Rafał Dudek for game concept and graphics, Maciej Małecki for programming, Adam Gilmore and Sami “Mutetus” Juntunen for music, and more. Links for the boxed edition and digital download are provided for those interested in playing ‘Tony’.

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