I’m a vendor and I cannot find the right brand

No worries there, just drop us an email with the brand you need, we add it right away

I’m a vendor and how can I add the shipping costs?

  • navigate to Store→Vendor Dashboard→Settings→Shipping.
  • vendors can choose to limit zone location for his customers and also add new shipping methods.
  • To add shipping methods, vendors need to click on Add Shipping Method and select one from the drop-down.
  • In this way, vendors can add unlimited shipping methods. By hovering over the shipping method, vendors can edit and delete. And the toggle button can be used to enable/disable a shipping method.
    • Vendors can also limit zone location using postcodes that apply to customers purchasing from that zone.
  • A vendor now can set his own shipping policy and shipping processing time for the customers. Just simply click on the policy settings tab on the top right corner marked shown in the image below to manage the shipping policy settings.


Flat Rates

Each Shipping Zone can have different(and multiple) Flat Rates if you wish.

  1. To make changes to a shipping method, vendor needs to click Edit.
  2. Vendor can change the Title if he wants to or keep it as default. This title displays to customers in checkout.
  3. Next he has to add the Cost (this is applied to the entire cart).
  4. Select its Tax Status (define whether or not tax is applied to the shipping amount).
  5. You can also type a Description for this method if you prefer.
  6. Click on Save Settings.

Shipping Classes – Vendor Settings

  • Shipping classes won’t apply unless the vendor specifies from Edit Product.
  • The Admin needs to first create the shipping class (as shown above) before the vendor can access them from his dashboard.
  • The vendor can specify shipping class costs for all the shipping classes that admins have created. Vendors will be able to access these classes for the Flat Rate method only.
  • The vendor can specify his own conditional rates for the shipping classes.
  • Then select the cost when no shipping class will apply.You can also select the Calculation Type:
    • Per Class: Shipping rates will apply accordingly class-wise.
    • Per Order: Shipping rates will apply on the total order cost, and the most expensive shipping class rate will apply.

Configuring Product-wise shipping class

  1. Navigate to Store→Vendor Dashboard→Products.
  2. Select the product you want to add shipping class to by hovering on the product name and click on Edit.
  3. Scroll down to the section that reads Shipping and Tax.
  4. First enable the checkbox “This Product Requires Shipping”.
  5. Next, input the details as required for weight, length, width and height.
  6. Now select the shipping class you want to apply to this product from the drop-down.
  7. Select Tax Status and Tax Class.
  8. Click on Save Product.

Note: Each product can have one shipping class.


Local Pickup

In Local Pickup, customers can pick up the order themselves from a designated location.

  1. To make changes, hover over the shipping method and click on Edit.
  2. Enter a Title that displays to customers in checkout – some shops change the title to Local Delivery, for example.
  3. Enter Cost – Cost for the option, is applied to entire cart.
  4. Select Tax Status. Then click on Save Changes.

Free Shipping

Free shipping is a great way to encourage customers to spend more. For example, offer free shipping on orders over $100.

  1. Enter a Title that displays to customers in checkout.
  2. Enter a Minimum Order Amount (if applicable).
  3. Click on Save changes.

I’m a vendor and how can I create a Variable Product?

Go to Seller Dashboard → Product → Add New product

There are several mandatory fields at the start, like product name, category, price etc. Fill them up so that you can move on the later sections without interruption. Now, click on the Create Product button and it will redirect you to the product edit page.

In this stage, select which type of product you are willing to create. Here, we are creating a variable product. So, select Variable from the Product Type drop-down menu. Now, provide product category and tags so that your customer can easily find your product from your store.


Enabling Variations

Now scroll down to the Attribute & Variation section from where you can manage different variations and attributes for your variable product.


Creating Attributes

You can create a new attribute by selecting Custom Attribute and click on the Add attribute button. Now, provide the attribute Name and their values. You can create more values by entering ‘|’ character after providing a value.

Now, to create new variations of your product from the provided value, select Create variations from all attributes. You can also create single variables according to your requirements by selecting Add variation option. After choosing your option, click on the Go button and it will generate possible variations from your attributes automatically.


Editing and Saving Variations

From the screenshot below, you can see that Dokan has generated all the possible variations for your product. Now, you can edit generated variations according to your requirements.

Now, click on the down arrow button of any of the variations that you want to edit. It will open description and SKU option for that variation.

Enter the price, dimensions and SKU for your variation. You can also include shipping class, tax class and variation description for this variation of your product. You can also remove any of the variations that you do not have available for this product. After you are done with editing the variables, you can save the variation by clicking on Save variations button.

Now, you can include any discount options for your product. Besides that, you can include other options. There are options including product status, visibility, purchase note and product reviews. After completing all of the steps, click on the Save Product button.

I’m a vendor and I cannot find the right category

No worries there, just drop us an email with the category you need, we add it right away

I'm a collector, can I join this page as a vendor?

YES, off cource, I’f you’re a collector, please register as vendor and stasrt selling your products!

I'm a vendor and I cannot find the right tag

No worries, just drop us an email withb the tag you need, we add it right away

Can I follow my shipments?

yes, create an account on https://www.shipstation.com/ and follow your goodes, this costs €9,- per month for 50 shipments

I want to add a video in my productpage, how can I do this?

Just add a YouTube URL in your description, make sure it is not a link (delete link after you press enter)

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