Retro Indie News: Bronx, Excalibur, and La Casa

Indie Retro News: Bronx, Excalibur & La Casa

The release of Bronx, Excalibur, and La Casa for the C64 and Plus/4 has been announced by Ready64. La Casa, converted by Carmine Migliaccio from the original ZX Spectrum, is now available. Saberman will be showcasing gameplay of one of these games later today. La Casa is the latest text adventure game converted from the ZX Spectrum for Plus/4 adventurers. It follows Bronx and Excalibur, offering hires, animated graphics, an 80-column character set, and is available in Italian and English. The game’s title, “La Casa”, is inspired by the movie series Evil Dead by Sam Raimi. Links to the games: La Casa, Excalibur, Bronx.

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