JOTD Bringing Taito’s 1980’s Arcade Game “Phoenix” to the Amiga – A Work in Progress Update on Indie Retro News

Indie Retro News: Phoenix - 1980's Arcade game by Taito is coming to the Amiga via JOTD [WIP Update]

JOTD, a familiar name on Indie Retro News, has been working on Arcade to Amiga conversions like Moon Patrol, Donkey Kong, Tetris 1200 (AGA), Super Bagman, Karate Champ, Galaxian500, and the anticipated Super Xevious. Now, he has announced the first playable version of the Arcade to Amiga conversion of Phoenix. This fixed-screen shooter by Taito was originally released in the 1980s and later on the Atari 2600 in 1983.

The playable version currently lacks sound but is mostly functional with minor issues present.

JOTD explains the challenges faced during development, with the game’s use of 12 colors and two layers of tiles complicating the process. Despite these obstacles, he has made progress on the adaptation of the palette and the transcode from Z80 disassembly to ensure the game runs smoothly on the Amiga.

JOTD’s efforts have been successful so far, and while the initial playable version has been released, work is ongoing to improve the game and add sound effects for a more complete experience.

For more details, check out the source and download the current version here.

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