Indie Retro News: The Dreadnought Assault

Indie Retro News: Dreadnought Assault

Exciting news from our friend Liqmatrix! Here’s the latest on the work in progress game ‘Dreadnought Assault’ by kiwilove and playsoft for the Atari 7800. It’s a fantastic looking scrolling shoot ’em up game that you can download and play right away. If you don’t have an emulator or an Atari 7800, you can still check out the gameplay footage below.

Creator(s) update: “@kiwilove and I started working on this game some time ago, but it got put on hold. We’re back at it now and aiming to make it playable. Your goal is to destroy all the turrets on the dreadnought, rescue a hostage, and return to the launch bay. Watch out for various enemies attacking you. Use the joystick to move, left trigger to fire, and right trigger to change direction. Destroying a dragon will drop a pickup for you to collect:

  • S = Shield boost
  • P = Protector
  • W = Weapon upgrade

“The game ends when your shield runs out. There will be a total of 7 dreadnoughts, but only the first 2 are ready”.

Links :1) Discussion/Download

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