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Indie Retro News: Genesis - A rather cool Arcade Shoot 'em up for the ZX Spectrum by Retroworks

Retroworks, a group of highly talented European programmers, develop amazing games for retro computers such as the Spectrum, MSX, and Amstrad CPC. One of their standout creations is the Arcade Shoot ’em up ‘Genesis’ for the ZX Spectrum 128k. In this game, players navigate challenging levels, battle waves of enemies, and face off against end-of-level bosses. To complement this announcement, Saberman has shared a gameplay video of the game, previously released but now showcased here.

Here’s the latest update from the website: “Your mission is simple: eliminate as many enemies as possible while staying alive. Escape Earth, visit five planets to retrieve components of the Genesis, assemble the spaceship, and use it to return to Earth to defeat the Dork menace.”


  • Idea and code: utopian
  • Graphics: sejuan, anjuel, pagantipaco
  • Music, sound effects, player: WYZ
  • Betatesting: tbrazil, Ivanzx, Metalbrain, and the rest of the RetroWorks team
  • Additional MSX version testing: Guillian and Fran_Friki
  • Intro music (+3 version): Riskej
  • Dedicated to Rafa. I hope you enjoy playing this game someday.
  • Also dedicated to the memory of Johnatan “Joffa” Smith. I hope this game honors your legacy, wherever you may be.

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