Commodore 64 Breadbin system (PAL)


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A complete Commodore 64 (system, psu, video cable). Used (some scratches and yellowed) but cleaned, tested (for at least 30 years) and ready to rock!

All NON-220V countries will receive the system without PSU (not compatible) and need to source on locally or via

As compensation we will add a game cart and a joystick.

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What kind of intervention have you done on the machines? Cleaning & testing

Are the plastic hinges original or repaired? As original as possible, but the thin ones might have a ‘repaired’ status, which you can ask for on your order.

Does it still have the internal cardfoil for RF interferences? Yes

Is it fully working? Yes

Dead test cartridge passed? Yes

I understand the box is not included, but paying an extra is it possible to buy an original one in good conditions? No, we only have boxes with serious wear left (besides after market new ones).



Shipping Countries: Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Austria, Spain, Germany, Luxembourg, Sweden, Denmark, Cyprus, Croatia, Faroe Islands, Hungary, Finland, Ireland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Albania, Moldova, Turkey, Andorra, Montenegro, Ukraine, Norway, United Kingdom (UK), Belarus, Switzerland, Serbia, Vatican, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Commodore 64 Breadbin system (PAL)


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