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The IRQHACK64 is a cartridge that works with a mini pro Arduino, running in TURBO mode. There is an SD card slot on the back. So you can put PRG files on the SD card via laptop/pc. Create your own collection of games, divided into folders on your SD Card. This way you can load and play more than 10000 games and programs on your IRQHACK64 cartridge! You plug the IRQHACK64 into your C64 and then a menu starts where you can select the games via your c64. The PRG files are now loaded super fast using the arduino module on the cartridge! No fastloader cartridge can compete with that.

With the IRQHACK64 Cartridge you only have to copy PRG files onto the SD card and you’re done! On the SD card I have already set up a collection of PRG files and also CRT files. The IRQHACK64 can only load small size (8k) CRT files.

The IRQHACK64 Cartridge can load much more than PRG files very quickly via a menu. You load a game via the menu, when the game is loaded hold the reset button for 2-5 seconds, the next time you boot your game will be loaded directly via the IRQhack64 without using the menu. This way you can make your own game cartridge. If you don’t want to start the game right away, just press the reset button and the menu will reappear to make a choice.

It is also possible to choose which game starts up with the quick select key [0 – 9] at start. On the “root directory” of the SD card I have 3 games called “1.prg” , “2.prg” and “3.prg”. On startup [keybooter] appears now select 1, 2 or 3 on your c64 keyboard and the game will be loaded. Or press the reset button and the selected game will not load and the menu will reappear. You can extend the files “1.prg” , “2.prg” and “3.prg” to 0.prg – 9.prg. And also create programs or games of your choice that you can choose at startup.

This way you can make your own game cartridge selection menu yourself and adjust the choice whenever you want by changing or adding files to your SD card via your PC/laptop. For example, you copy “HERO.PRG” to the root directory of the SD card. You change the name “HERO.PRG” to “4.prg” (or another number 0 to 9). You restart the IRQHACK64 and the keybooter appears on the screen, press 4 on your C64 keyboard and HERO will now load super fast! If you do not want the keybooter to remain active, press the reset button and the menu will appear and make your choice there.

The IRQHACK64 is equipped with an SD card and menu , keybooter files are already installed. Moreover, there is a collection of PRG files/CRT files on the sd card.


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