Harlequin 32bit Framebuffer – Extremely Rare!


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Keybonus Ltd. / Amiga Centre Scotland, UK




A2000, A3000, A4000


Zorro II

Autoconfig ID

2118 / 100


  • the Amiga’s first 24 bit display device
  • designed to provide compatibility with genlocks, single frame controllers and other video equipment
  • 24 bit display7 and realtime animation
  • the output of the Harlequin is totally independent from the Amiga video
  • multiple Harlequin boards can be installed in one Amiga, each driving a separate device and outputting a different image
  • optional 8 bit alpha channel – superimpose high quality graphics onto live signal, or smoothly blend paint images
  • optional double buffering – two 24 bit displays instantly available
  • screen modes:
    • 740×486, 832×486, 910×486 (NTSC, 60 Hz)
    • 740×576, 832×576, 910×576 (PAL, 50 Hz)
    • 4, 8, 15 and 24 bit colour depth
    • 15 kHz interlaced or 31 kHz non-interlaced in all resolutions
  • models:
    • H1500 1.5 MB VRAM
    • H2000 2 MB VRAM – alpha channel
    • H3000 3 MB VRAM – double buffering
    • H4000 4 MB VRAM – alpha channel + double buffering
    • all models can be upgraded to later ones
  • outputs (two DB15 connectors):
    • RGB + Composite sync
    • digital key output
    • alpha channel
    • genlock control lines
  • sandwich card, it occupies the space of two Zorro slots
  • separate PAL and NTSC versions

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Harlequin 32bit Framebuffer - Extremely Rare!


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