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Commodore 64 Dead Test Cartridge.


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Commodore 64 Dead Test Cartridge.
Designed exclusively for the Commodore 64, 64c and C128 in C64 mode.
Perform a comprehensive RAM test and troubleshoot your Commodore without removing covers, desoldering or piggybacking chips.
If you have a black, blank screen, on a C64 the C64 Dead Test can flash the screen border to indicate faulty RAM. Use on a C128 with a black, blank, screen to identify faulty low memory.

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RAM Test

Sound Test

Color RAM Test

Screen RAM Test

Power Up RAM Test

Zero Page RAM Test

Stack Page RAM Test

Dead Test can take up to 10 seconds to start so please wait.

This particular diagnostics cartridge does not require a test harness, and are specifically useful when your C64/128 has no picture.

What sets this cartridge apart from the other test cartridges, is that they all require the RAM to be functioning to boot,

(unfortunately, one of the most common fault is defective RAM) This cartridge not only work with defective RAM,

but it also can tell you which RAM is broken. The reason why this is possible, is that a correctly made DEAD TEST CART will require the system RAM,

but it will instead temporarily overwrite the kernal ROM bypassing a lot of functions needed to boot the computer.


Find the full manual here : https://issuu.com/giannibernardo/docs/781220.c64.dead.test.diagnostic.man

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Commodore 64 Dead Test Cartridge.