Uncovering Ireland’s Hidden Indie Gems: A Retro News Feature

Indie Retro News: Hidden gems of Ireland

If you’re interested in experiencing Metal Detecting without the hassle of finding permissions or dealing with junk items, then check out ‘Hidden gems of Ireland’. This new Amiga game allows players to detect historic locations and find ancient artifacts in an adventure setting.

The creator of the game explains, “I warmly welcome everyone. I would like to present to you my new game created in Backbone. Why in Backbone? Because I don’t know programming and BB is a great tool for creating games. Of course, the program has many limitations like any other on the Amiga and ultimately I would like the game to be rewritten by some talented programmer while adding many ideas that I could not use here.”

“After starting the game, a book appears which we can browse by tilting the joystick down. We can learn from it about many castles on the island, when they were built, by whom, etc. The player’s task is to find hidden artifacts on each level and complete the level by collecting them all. In the new version of the game, I would like to add more interactive elements like digging the artifacts out of the ground.”
“After completing each level, a picture with collected artifacts in 640×512 16 shades of gray is displayed (CLICK). I wanted high resolution to see as much detail as possible. It would be great to add variety to the collected artifacts and perhaps include descriptions under them with the help of an archaeologist. Graphics for different versions of the game are also in development. Backgrounds were created using Scenery Animator 4.0″.

Original article by www.indieretronews.com

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