Indie Retro News: Tony Montezuma's Gold

Tony Montezuma’s Gold: A Retro Indie Game Review

The latest creation from Monochrome Productions, "Tony Montezuma’s Gold", is set to be released soon for the Amiga, Atari XL, and C64. This exciting platformer will be showcased during Pixel Heaven 2024 and features monochrome graphics reminiscent of classic Macintosh games. The game, developed by Vladimir Jankovic, Dudek, Maciej Małecki, Adam Gilmore, and Sami "Mutetus" Juntunen, promises an immersive experience for players.

Scheduled for release as a boxed edition by K&A Plus Magazine, "Tony Montezuma’s Gold" invites players to embark on a pixelated adventure inspired by the real-life explorer Tony Halik. Explore the mysteries of Montezuma’s Castle in this nostalgic 8-bit homage to Halik’s adventurous spirit.

The game pays tribute to Tony Halik’s legacy and the era of 8-bit gaming, evoking nostalgia for seasoned players and welcoming newcomers to a legendary gaming era. The game’s development team includes Rafał Dudek (game concept & graphics), Paweł ‘TUKINEM’ Tukatsch (programming), Marcin ‘EIGHTBM’ Białobrzewski (music), and testers Marcin ‘MARCOWY’ Nowak and Andrzej ‘KATO’ Poślednik, among others.

For more information and to purchase the boxed edition of "Tony Montezuma’s Gold", visit the official sources: Source and Boxed Edition.

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