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Indie Retro News: The Heart of Salamanderland

XeNoMoRPH and Juan J. Martínez (Reidrac) have informed us that a high-quality action platformer for the Amstrad CPC, named ‘The Heart of Salamanderland’, is available to check out at the link provided below. Developed by the same person behind popular games like Brick Rick, Magica, and The Dawn of Kernel, this game is definitely worth a look. Watch the latest footage from Xeno to see more.

The website states, “Our hero Patton has been searching for months for the Heart of Salamanderland. He discovered a map leading to a hidden dungeon in the Dragon’s Tail mountain, at Glacier National Park in Montana, U.S.A. The ancient relic lies within a dungeon protected by a powerful spell that only allows entry to those carrying a special whip from Salamanderland”.

“Navigating through the dungeon filled with traps and monsters won’t be easy. Armed with the whip and a key, players must collect 9 tears of The Guardian. Once gathered, they must face The Guardian of the Heart in a deadly battle.”

“The game, developed by Juan J. Martínez (code, graphics, and sound) with a menu screen by Eric Cubizolle (TITAN), draws inspiration from classic titles like Castlevania, Rick Dangerous, and Montezuma’s Revenge”.

Key Features:

  • Single-player flip-screen platform-adventure action
  • 55 screens to explore
  • 8 enemy types with unique behavior
  • Compatible with any Amstrad CPC
  • Control via keyboard or joystick (supports two buttons)

The game is downloadable for free from, and a physical edition is in the works by Poly Play for release later this year.

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