Retro Racing: Formula V20 – 1985

Indie Retro News: Formula V20 1985

Exciting news for Commodore Vic-20 fans! Huffelduff has recently released ‘Formula V20 1985’, a new racing game for the beloved system. Drawing inspiration from classic Commodore 64 games like Pitstop II and Pole position, this arcade racer is a must-play for vintage gaming enthusiasts.

According to the itch io page, “Formula V20 ’85 is a racing computer game for the 24k expanded Commodore Vic-20. It has been crafted in the style of the classic Commodore 64 games Pitstop II and Pole position. Choose from seven racing teams and four circuits, and compete in single races or the world championship.”

Requirements, loading, and running the game:

  • A Commodore VIC with a 24k RAM expansion minimum
  • A joystick plugged into the joystick port
  • For disk: Insert Disk, type load “*”,8,1, press return. After loading, type run and press return
  • For tape: Insert Tape, type load, press return. After loading, type run and press return

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