Retro Gaming News: Party Speedway Updated with The Kaufmannsgilde & Spediteur Expansion

Indie Retro News: Party Speedway Extended & The Kaufmannsgilde & Spediteur

I have always been a fan of top-down racing games, from classics like Micro Machines to Supercars and Indy Heat on the Amiga. If you enjoy these types of games, you might want to try out ‘Party Speedway Extended’ recently released on the Commodore 64. This is an enhanced version of a small sprite racing game that originally won 1st place at the WiLD Demo Competition at Teddy Beer C=64 Party back in 2022. Saberman has created a new video showcasing the final build of the game, which is available as a collector’s box, physical release, or digital download with the K&A+ #25 magazine.

If racing games are not your cup of tea and you prefer strategy games, then be sure to check out The Kaufmannsgilde & Spediteur. In this game, you can play as a merchant in medieval Germany aiming to join the powerful merchant guild or become the most successful freight forwarder by earning the most money within a specific timeframe. Your goal is to transport goods between cities and plan your routes wisely to maximize profits!


  • A turn-based game
  • Up to four players can compete
  • Challenging computer opponents
  • 5 unique maps
  • Adjustable difficulty level
  • PAL/NTSC compatibility

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