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The winner of the Commodore 64SX Contest is THAAO!!!



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The winner of the Commodore 64SX Contest is THAAO!!! Congratulations!



The Commodore SX-64, also known as the Executive 64, or VIP-64 in Europe, is a portable, briefcase/suitcase-size “luggable” version of the popular Commodore 64 home computer and the first full-color portable computer.

The SX-64 features a built-in five-inch composite monitor and a built-in 1541 floppy drive. It weighs 10.5 kg (23lb). The machine is carried by its sturdy handle, which doubles as an adjustable stand. It was announced in January 1983 and released a year later, at 995 USD (equivalent to $2,400 in 2018).

Type Portable computer
Release date 1984; 35 years ago
Introductory price 995 USD (1984) (equivalent to 2,452 USD in 2019)
Discontinued 1986
Operating system Commodore KERNAL
Commodore BASIC 2.0
CPU MOS Technology 6510
@ 1.02 MHz (NTSC version)
@ 0.985 MHz (PAL version)
Memory 64 kB RAM + 20 kB ROM
Graphics VIC-II (320 x 200, 16 colors, sprites, raster interrupt)
Sound SID 6581 (3x Osc, 4x Wave, Filter, ADSR, Ring)
Connectivity 2x CIA 6526 Joystick, Power, ROM cartridge (modified), A/V, CBM-488 Floppy/Printer, GPIO/RS-232

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