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Networking on the C64!


RR-Net MK3 is the direct follow-up product to the popular 10MBit networking cards for the C64 that we’ve provided for over 10 years.

Other than previous announcements, we’ve decided to continue using the same ethernet chip that we’ve used on the two predecessor models: The Crystal CS8900a. That means: All networking software that is already available for the C64 will work on this new networking card out-of-the-box: Contiki, Codenet and WarpCopy can be used in their current versions without the need to wait for any update!

With RR-Net MK3, we’re answering the calls from many C64 users who wanted Ethernet, but refused to buy a “carrier card” that features the clockport that was previously required for operating one of the predecessor models (for example Retro Replay, MMC64, MMC Replay or Chameleon). The result of this new development is that the new design can be used in two ways: You can either connect it to the clockport of a carrier-card (exactly the same way like the predecessor RR-Net MK2), or you can plug it directly to the expansion port of the C64.

If plugged to an MMC Replay or Chameleon, you can still close your cartridge case. For plugging directly to the C64, our cartridge cases cannot be used. There are 3D-printed cases available for a much higher price.

One added feature of this new design is the 8k flash rom. This is used as a startup-ROM if the unit is plugged directly to a C64. If you plug RR-Net MK3 to the clockport of a “carrier card”, only a few bytes of the ROM are available – just enough to store the MAC address of the unit, and put an end to the constant guessing that you had to do with the predecessor models. Further, with modern switches and routers checking the MAC address for security reasons, RR-Net MK3 will identify properly as a legit Ethernet device.

 Software not included, but available for free download.

Using the RR-Net MK3 as a cartridge without carrier card does not work with C128, SX-64 and very old C64 mainboard versions.

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