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Availability status 13-12-2023): Orders placed have a ready-to-ship date of max 10 working days.

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Full parts kit for the Commodore 64 , revisions 250407 rev C, 250466 or 250469 rev A+B.


Building a C64 from scratch using Rob Taylor's Sixtyclone boards or restoring one and don't want to spend hours trying to source all the parts? Then this kit is for you!


The full kit does not include the PCB and MOS chips, modulator or cartridge shield, but other than that every part to build a PAL C64 is included and brand new!

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Availability status 13-12-2023): Orders placed have a ready-to-ship date of max 10 working days.

This kit contains the following:

  • Resistors: all standard resistors, the resistor arrays and the 500 Ohm pot (250407). The 407 kit includes resistors to choose either PAL or NTSC.
  • Electrolytic capacitors: high quality major brand caps (i.e. Panasonic, CDE or Nichicon depending on current stock).
  • Ceramic capacitors, including the varicap (250466/469)
  • Passive semiconductors and filters: all transistors, diodes, voltage regulators and filtering components. Includes a Laird choke + adapter in the 469 kit.
  • Connectors: includes all PCB mounted connectors (3x DIN, 2x control port and a cartridge port), a powerswitch, fuse clips, pin headers for keyboard and led.
  • IC sockets with choice between dual leaf or round pin.
  • Chipset:  includes all new logic chips (100% tested and verified original Texas Instruments and Motorola) and RAM (NOS). Rev 466 and 469 require an additional MOS8701 clock generator chip which is sold separately.

The kit does not include the PCB, you have to provide that yourself. The 469 kit is suitable for both revisions. For Rev B you won’t need to solder in the provided video SRAM, as it is replaced by the PLA (252535-01 sold separately), and we add one extra ferrite bead.

Important: while we try to source all ICs brand new, some chips are simply not being made anymore, like for example the DRAM and SRAM chips, so we do include new old stock or refurbs. All chips are fully tested in a C64 before shipping.

PAL or NTSC? Leave a note during ordering that you want to build an NTSC machine and I’ll swap the crystal for a 14.31818 Mhz one.  The resistor kit for the 250407 revision does already give you the option to spec for NTSC, since we only need to add one extra 100 Ohm resistor to enable both options. For the 466 and 469 there are no parts differences, besides the crystal and the VIC (not included). You can find the official BOM, which lists the config options, here.

Shipment times: the packing of parts kits is partially done on order, which means we don’t have complete kits ready to ship on the shelves and we need some time to prep a package per customer and we collect several orders before the packing process starts. After ordering please allow for up to 10 working days (excluding weekends) before your package will be ready to be shipped.

The kit was also featured in a video by well known retro Youtuber Jan Beta.


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250407, 250466, 250469

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Leaf, Round

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12 Reviews For This Product

  1. 12

    by Raymond Arkley (verified owner)

    I must say I am delighted with this kit. great quality parts, well sources exact replacements for the original parts. I love, soldering and assembling my projects but less so the hours of searching for all the items on the BOM and the endless waiting for parts to arrive from different sources. So this is the perfect solution for me. I ordered parts kits for both my 250407 and 250466 board.

    Quick delivery, great customer service as well!.

  2. 12

    by Marko (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery. I will also probably still use my time and try to make some lists to shops to be able buy parts…but ti saves you lot of time. Parts are good quality.

  3. 12

    by Michael Kirsten (verified owner)

    Perfect quality parts.
    Delivery time is great and the best thing ….
    All values match every part is there in the right number and you have it all there in one sole source.

  4. 12

    by Marc | 3D-vice (verified owner)

    This is simply an awesome kit! The quality of the items is great and they come sorted in small bags, which makes it easy to organize the work. I also love the fact that I did not have to browse various electronics stores to get the parts together.

  5. 12

    by Scott Cougle (verified owner)

    Good quality parts (I opted for the Frako Golds), the different component packages are clearly labelled, no complaints here – very noob friendly. Definitely well packaged.

    Nice precision round-hole IC sockets and the 4164 RAMs I received are new-old-stock TIs, not junk pulls or no-name garbage. The rocker-switch for power on/off is also NOS, it fits perfectly without the need to bend any legs, as some replacement switches require.

    Be aware that the parts kit is for PAL systems, this is what I wanted so I was happy but it might be useful to others if this was noted, or if there was an option for NTSC systems.

    Shipping to Canada was very expensive (and slow, blame Covid) for so small a package but he only charged his actual cost (postmarked on the package), there weren’t any extra “handling” charges.

    Overall I highly recommend this kit for those, like myself, who yet lack to confidence to source the parts individually elsewhere. It’s also beneficial to get everything shipped from one place as opposed to sourcing from different vendors and getting bent-over for multiple shipments.

  6. 12

    by Steven (verified owner)

    Ordering so easy, choose the pack you need, parts are packaged with labels and arrived in a good time frame, highly recommended for your retro parts

  7. 12

    by Douglas Peterson (verified owner)

    Great kit

  8. 12

    by DWestbury (verified owner)

    A very complete and well organized bill of materials. This includes many parts that are difficult to find elsewhere. It’s much easier to purchase from a single-source, rather than having to purchase individual parts separately from multiple suppliers. My parts appear to be very high quality.

  9. 12

    by Wolfgang Köchl (verified owner)

    … fast delivery, great kit … no time killing search for parts on other stores !

  10. 12

    by Matt Verheaghe (verified owner)

    Awesome kit, and fast delivery!

  11. 12

    by Dean Gill (verified owner)

    This kit for the Rev 250466 was almost complete, had to to put a few used parts in besides the larger IS’s. Watching Jan Beta’s video helped also in completing and making a functioning build. One thing the kit thought is the resistor located at C42 on the parts kit bill of materials is marked as a 82R grey, black, red, gold. But the actual resister is a 82R grey, red, black, gold. had me stumped for a bit. If its a typo guys, you may want to fix it. I have since ordered another kit 250407. Love building these boards, keeps me entertained in my retirement years and still learning things.

  12. 12

    by Anders Nielsen (verified owner)

    Great kit, and just as great purchase and support experience! Makes the process of gathering the components needed for a build that much easier. 🙂

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