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Discover the New Amiga 500 Cases: A Modern Twist on a Classic Design

Experience the perfect blend of nostalgia and innovation with our New Amiga 500 Cases, meticulously crafted to support both A500 and A500 Plus motherboards. These cases are not just a tribute to a classic; they’re a significant upgrade for modern computing needs.

Enhanced Design Features for Ultimate Convenience

Firstly, experience the convenience of our enhanced design features. The cases include a new right side trapdoor, allowing for easy access to HDMI, USB, and Micro SD Cards. Additionally, a rear trapdoor is available for RJ45 adapters, enhancing your connectivity options. Furthermore, the cases possess robust metal threads for screws and offer extra metal threaded mounts, compatible with Raspberry Pi and Apollo V4 SA boards. Don’t forget to check out our A500 Accessories Kit for additional enhancements.

What’s Included in Your Amiga 500 Case Box

  • 1x Amiga 500 Case (Top & Bottom Shells)
  • 1x Custom A500 Case badge (metal)
  • 1x Bottom Trap Door with vents
  • 2x Rear Trap Doors (RJ45 & Plain)
  • 2x Right Side Trap Doors (I/O Ports & Plain)
  • 1x Left Side Trap Door
  • 4x Pads + 1x Floppy button
  • 6x Screws
  • Bonus: 1x Amiga-Branded Mouse Mat,
    color-matched to your case for a cohesive and stylish setup

Technical Specifications for the Enthusiasts

  • Dimensions: 54 cm x 38 cm x 11 cm
  • Volume: 22,572 cm³
  • Weight: 1680 grams
  • Volume/Weight Ratio: 2200 grams

Ready to Upgrade Your Amiga Experience?

Our New Amiga 500 Cases are more than just a housing for your motherboard; they are a statement of style and functionality. Whether you’re a retro computing enthusiast or a modern-day tech aficionado, these cases are designed to meet your needs. Add this iconic piece to your collection today and relive the glory of the Amiga era with a modern twist.

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Brand New Amiga 500 Case + Mouse case


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