• Delta Force Land Warrior

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    Engage the enemy across vast outdoor environments and expansive indoor environments as you take control of the US Army’s elite anti-terrorist unit. Delta Force Land Warrior™ introduces new weapons and characters for both single player and intense online multiplayer via NovaWorld.
    Select from a team of diverse characters, each with their own special abilities. (Sniper, Demolitions, Close Quarters Battle, Aquatics and Heavey Gunner)
    Advanced new rifles, systems, machine guns and grenade launcher
    Developed from the same engine used to train the US ARMY elite Land Warrior Soldiers
    Wage war on the massive battlefields of NovaWorld with up to 50 players simultaneously
    Rank Yourself against your enemies and allies on NovaWorld

    Sold By: Retro8BITShop

    Delta Force Land Warrior

    2,50 Inc. VAT
  • Police Quest: SWAT 2 Big Box DUTCH

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    Choose from 100 SWAT officers or 100 terrorists and build the ultimate SWAT team or the deadliest terrorist organization. Undergo actual SWAT tactics and marksmanship training – then strap on the Kevlar for real where adversaries pursue their criminal agenda while reacting to your every move.

    19,00 Inc. VAT

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