• Commodore 64 parts kit


    Full parts kit for the Commodore 64 , revisions 250407 or 250466.

    Building a C64 from scratch using Rob Taylor’s Sixtyclone boards or restoring one?

    Don’t want to spend hours trying to source all the parts? Then this kit is for you!

    The full kit does not include MOS chips (except the MOS8701 for the rev466), modulator or cartridge shield, but other than that every part is included and brand new!


    Product consists of 7 subkits:

    • Resistor kit: all standard resistors, the resistor arrays and the 500 Ohm pot (250407)
    • Electrolytic capacitor kit (for the power caps choice between A brand black, blue or Frako Gold caps)
    • Ceramic capacitor kit, including the varicap (250466)
    • Powerrail and filters kit, includes all transistors, diodes, voltage regulators and filtering components.
    • Connector kit, includes all PCB mounted connectors (3x DIN, 2x control port and a cartridge port), a powerswitch, fuse clips, pin headers for keyboard and led.
    • Socket kits with choice between dual leaf or round pin.
    • IC kit, includes all logic chips and RAM, and a MOS8701 for the rev466. All chips are tested before shipping.Important: while we try to source all ICs brand new, some chips are simply not being made anymore, like for example the RAM chips, so we do include old stock or refurbs. All chips are fully tested in a C64 before shipping.Q:PAL or NTSC? A:The kits are suitable to build either video spec, but we only include a 17,734475MHz crystal for PAL. If you want to build a NTSC machine, please leave a note when ordering. While we do not currently stock 14.31818 MHz crystals, it gives us an indication if we should do it in the future. The resistor kit for the 250407 revision does already give you the option to spec for NTSC, since we only need to add one extra 100 Ohm resistor to enable both options. For the 466 there are no parts differences, besides the crystal. You can find the official BOM, which lists the config options, here.

    Commodore 64 parts kit

  • Commodore 64 PCB connector kit

    Full PCB connector kit for Commodore 64 (All revisions)

  • Sixtyclone rev 250466 full assembly service


    CONTACT before ordering!


    Sixytclone bare-bone Commodore 64 motherboard revision 250466, fully assembled.

    • Red, Blue, Black or Pink PCB (official Sixtyclones).
    • Choice of gold plated turned (machined) pin sockets or high quality dual leaf.
    • Choice of 0.1uF monolythic filter caps (yellow or blue).
    • Nichicon Fine Gold and Frako audio grade electrolytic capacitors, or Panasonic and Cornell Dublier brand (black and blue colored).
    • New passive components and semiconductors, bridge rectifier, choke filters etc etc
    • New mechanical parts (DIN sockets, cartridge port connector, control ports + mounting screw and nut, power switch, pin headers, fuse and fuseholder.
    • Modulator housing  and cartridge port shield refurbished and repainted (Silver, Gold, Black). (can also be delivered without modulator, discount EUR15).
    • Modulator modified to give Composite signal on the output jack.
    • Comes populated with all new logic chips and RAM but does NOT include CPU, SID, VIC, PLA, CIAs, or ROMs. (Pictures showing any custom chips are for illustration purposes only). PLA replacement is an optional purchase (PLAnkton or NeatPLA, add EUR15)
    • Optional ESD protection on control ports (add 10EUR)
    • Free optional repainted (black) sidebracket when using breadbin cases.
    • Board will be configured for PAL.

    After manual assembly the board will be thoroughly tested with a full chipset and diagnostic harness, including a multitude of different cartridge types.

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