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    The SpaceSaver Pro cable for the C64 and VIC20 CR*  is THE solution to the inefficient use of space that traditional power cables cause by connecting to the power-plug in a straight line. Because of the elbow design, the power-cable leaves the computer at a 90 degree angle towards the back, reducing the cable footprint dramatically.

    This high quality cable not only is fully injection moulded, it also has a built-in overvoltage protector on the 5V supply, to avoid damage by faulty power supplies. A small window in the connector allows you to see the led indicator, where green means all is ok, but red indicates an overvoltage. Whenever the 5V rail goes over the 5.4V threshold, the circuit inside will cut the power within nanoseconds, to prevent any harm to the chips inside your beloved machine.

    For EU customers, price listed includes applicable VAT rate

    Your power supply plugs right into the female DIN connector, and the 30cm long 20AWG grade wiring in between the connectors makes sure this cable can handle currents up to 3.5A. A grippy surface makes plugging in and removing the cable easy, avoids stress on the internal cable joints, and there is enough clearance to accommodate the many variances in case/socket depth, which prevents the cable casing from putting permanent stress on the power socket.

    *The VIC20 CR (cost reduced) version uses the same power connector as the C64, and has a separate +5V rail which is susceptible to overvoltage from a bad PSU.

    Condition: New

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