• J-CPU64 6510/8500 replacement for the Commodore 64 (Pre-order)


    Pre-orders are open!

    • The long awaited MOS/CSG 6510/8500 CPU replacement is nearly here! Jani’s second major hardware product after the very successful J-CIA64 comes in the form of the J-CPU64. Beta testing has been completed and the final product is in process of parts sourcing.
    • Pre-orders will be open for about 4 weeks, with an estimated shipping date of the first or second week of May 2024. Pre-ordering guarantees the buyer for a J-CPU64 out of this first production batch.
    • Final PCB color of the product will be black, just like the J-CIAs.
    • You can combine this pre-order with other readily available products from our store, but we will only ship the complete order when the J-CPU64s are available.

    Description and features:

    • FPGA based replacement for MOS/CSG 6510 & 8500 CPU chips.
    • Lower power requirements, less heat! Actually; not discernible heat at all.
    • Complete logic and all features of the original IC implemented, including illegal opcodes for maximum compatibility with all your favorite games and demos.
    • All diagnostic & software tests passed 100%, including all tests in Wolfgang Lorenz’s test suite and Vice-project’s CPU-tests.
    • Hundreds of demos and games already tested, with no known compatibility issues in tons of different configurations.
    • Physically about the same size as the original CPU and drops right in place of the original chip without any board modifications or soldering required.
    • Tested with all C64 mainboard revisions, SX-64 and with modern clones like the EVO64, Blue Pearl and the iComp’s Reloaded MKII.
    • Tested with modern chip replacements like the VIC-II Kawari, PLA replacements like PLAnkton, NeatPLA etc, and of course J-CIA.
    • Load of peripheral hardware tested and found to be compatible including (but not limited to) different types of floppy drives, fast loaders, Ultimate-II+, SD2IEC, TapeCart, Kung-Fu Flash, EasyFlash, Tapuino and more.
    • Specially designed clock out signal circuitry (PHI2) for super strong and stable clock signals, with sharp rising and falling signal edges ensuring maximum stability and compatibility.
    Condition: New

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