commodore sx64

  • WiC64 – Wifi module for the C64/128/SX64


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    The WiC64 Wifi adapter is the most versatile WiFi option available. Based on an ESP32 Wifi module, the device is very easy to install, setup and use. The WiC64 can be setup and controlled using the launcher program but also directly integrated into your own programs. Features like online chat, ChatGPT, Google Maps, SID Radio and multiplayer games are among the cool features this device brings.


    We supply WiC64s fully assembled, pre-programmed with the latest firmware (very easy to upgrade online) and delivered in a high quality resin printed case with vinyl label.

    Case color by default is white and slightly translucent (i.e. internal leds will be noticeable). For other colours please contact me via product inquiry.

    Condition: New

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