Princess Paloma’s Rescue: A Retro Adventure

Indie Retro News: Princess Paloma’s Rescue

Lilly’s Saga was a standout game from the MSXdev22 competition, and now the MSXdev24 competition has kicked off with another promising title: Princess Paloma’s Rescue for the MSX2. Developed by InfiniteMSX, this action platform game tells the classic tale of a hero on a mission to save a princess.

The game’s website describes the adventure: “The fate of the kingdom and Princess Paloma hangs in the balance, awaiting a brave soul to undertake the heroic quest of rescuing the princess from the hands of the repulsive mage Morgath. Lead your hero through five realms, each requiring keys to unlock the path to the princess. Navigate obstacles, traps, and enchanted creatures with your skills and wit.”

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