Petopia – Color PET Demo Available for All Models


Petopia is a demo created for the Commodore PET computer. It includes multiple pages and versions for all models of PETs. It can also be used on the Color PET, but is compatible with regular PET models as well.

On pages 3 to 6, pressing space enables hold mode, where the page will not advance. This feature can be useful for showcasing the PET at computer shows. Additionally, pressing ‘C’ along with space on the Matrix page activates a time clock that displays the current time. Make sure to set the time from TI$ before running the demo.

There may be some slight tearing on the chessboard page due to the vblank. The demo was originally an attempt to create a smooth scroll, but the performance of the pixel by pixel scroller was not optimal for use in the demo.

If you press space to hold on a page, you can press space again to resume the demo, but you will still need to wait for the timer to finish. This may cause confusion as to whether the page is in hold mode or not.

Various images are included in the demo as well. The files available for download include versions for different PET models with varying memory capacities.

For more information and to download the demo files, visit the provided link:

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