New Indie Retro News: Innsmouth – Embark on a Lovecraftian Horror Adventure with this New ZX Spectrum Game


We’ve recently come across a new game titled ‘Innsmouth’ by Bitfans, tailored for horror and H.P Lovecraft fans. This ZX Spectrum 48k and 128k Adventure game is set in a coastal town with hidden secrets and unimaginable horrors. Dive into the dark tale of Innsmouth through this English and Spanish Lovecraftian experience. Along with this announcement, a new trailer and more about the story are available.

“Welcome to Innsmouth, a town shrouded in darkness and decay. You may not know why you’re here, but the town’s sinister past beckons you to uncover its mysteries. Delve into the enigmatic events of this remote coastal town, where reality and madness intertwine like mist. Will you confront the shadow looming over Innsmouth?”


  • ˜TESTING TEAM: Dwalin, Marukpa, Mr. Rancio & C. Perezgrin
  • ˜CODE SUPPORT: Boriel & SFH
  • ˜MUSIC: Wicked
  • ˜ARTWORK: AI tools & Photoshop CS

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