King and Balloon: A Retro Gem uncovered by Indie News

Indie Retro News: King and Balloon

This week has been filled with news, leaving me overwhelmed and in need of a writer’s break. Before I take that break, I wanted to highlight the addictive yet simple game ‘King and Balloon’ by RMJ & JoeJoe. This game is a 1:1 arcade port of Namco’s 1980 game for the Commodore Amiga, written in 68k assembler and based on the original Z80 code. Along with this announcement, we have a new game screenshot and gameplay footage available.


According to Wikipedia, in ‘King and Balloon’, the player controls two green men with an orange cannon on the parapet of a castle, firing at hot-air balloons. The goal is to prevent the balloons from carrying off the King. The game features original artwork, sound effects, and gameplay, including bugs. A trainer is included for players, and the game involves controlling a crossbowman to attack balloons. Balloons attack in squadrons, and once a squadron is defeated, a faster one appears. The audio and video coincide when the King yells “help”.


  • Original artwork and SFX
  • Original gameplay including bugs
  • Trainer included (Highscore is disabled when in use)
  • Player controls crossbowman who can be moved from left to right to attack balloons.
  • Balloons attack in squadrons of 42 balloons.
  • Knock out the squadron and a faster moving one appears.
  • Audio and video coincide when king yells “help”. it appears on the monitor.

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