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JOTD has created some amazing conversions/ports over the years, games such as Moon Patrol, Donkey Kong, Tetris 1200 (AGA), Super Bagman, Karate Champ, Galaxian500 and our personal favorite Super Xevious. Well if you’re looking for another top quality Arcade to Amiga release for the Commodore Amiga, then look no further than Phoenix 500: A 1980’s Arcade fixed-screen shooter by Taito, with a later release in 1983 for the Atari 2600.

Here’s what the wikipedia says about the game “Phoenix is a fixed shooter video game developed for arcades in Japan and released in 1980 by Taito. The player controls a space ship shooting at incoming enemies that fly from the top of the screen down towards the player’s ship. A force field can be used by the player to protect them from these attacks. The force field only lasts a few seconds and then cannot be used for approximately five seconds after. There are five stages which repeat endlessly. The fifth is a fight against a large enemy spaceship, making Phoenix one of the first shooters with a boss battle, an element that would become common for the genre”.



  • 5/fire: insert coin
  • 1/up: start 1P game
  • left/right joystick/arrows: move ship
  • fire/ctrl: shoot
  • 2nd button/down/alt: shield

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