Introducing “Henry’s Castle”: A Nostalgic Journey Back to Childhood Gaming on the Commodore 64


In a tribute to the cherished golden age of video games, a team of enthusiastic developers from Switzerland and Germany is excited to announce the forthcoming launch of Henry’s Castle. This game serves as a spiritual successor to the iconic Henry’s House by Chris Murray, a game that first made its mark in 1984 on the Commodore 64 and Atari XE/XL platforms. Henry’s Castle aims to rekindle the joy and awe associated with vintage gaming for both longstanding aficionados and newcomers.

Conceived by three committed individuals in October 2023, Henry’s Castle represents their journey to recapture the magical essence of the video games that defined their youth. The team comprises a developer from Switzerland and two creative talents from Germany. Together, their shared dream and relentless enthusiasm have led to the creation of an engaging game that celebrates the simplicity and allure of the classic platformer genre.

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