Indie Retro News: Transversion – Ocean Software’s ZX Spectrum Puzzle Game Makes Its Debut on the Amstrad CPC

Indie Retro News: Transversion - Ocean Software's ZX Spectrum fast paced puzzler appears on the Amstrad CPC

Exciting news as we anticipate the unveiling of a new game set to launch on the Amiga, Atari XL, and C64 this weekend. The spotlight today is on Typhon’s latest Amstrad CPC conversion of Transversion. This game is not just a port of the 1983 Solar-Fox/Gridrunner game made for the Speccy; it also utilizes the CPCTelera library and incorporates some visual enhancements inspired by Denis Grachev’s fantastic versions. To complement this announcement, Xenomorph has shared a video showcasing the gameplay.

Here’s a description of the game according to mobygames: “Transversion is a straightforward yet fast-paced puzzle game where players control the spaceship Elimax. The objective is to locate and destroy alien egg pods scattered across the galactic grid by maneuvering the ship and activating the Raydon field.”

“In this game, players don’t shoot; instead, aliens on the grid’s edges do the shooting. Shots travel along grid lines, making stationary or straight-traveling players easy targets. With five lives to start with, players score points for each pod destroyed. Losing a life restarts the level with all pods reappearing. The game tracks the highest score per session and plays a ‘Congratulations’ message for new high scores.”

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