Indie Retro News: Taito’s Classic Arcade Game “Phoenix” from the 1980s Receives an AGA Update for the Amiga by JOTD

Indie Retro News: Phoenix - 1980's Arcade game by Taito for the Amiga via JOTD gets an AGA update!

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JOTD has a history of creating impressive conversions/ports, including games like Moon Patrol, Donkey Kong, and Tetris 1200 (AGA). One of their latest projects is an Arcade to Amiga conversion of Phoenix, a fixed-screen shooter originally released by Taito in the 1980s. The game now includes a new AGA mode with updated graphics by Toni Galvez. Check out the latest version of Phoenix by following the link below. Stay tuned for a new video coming soon.

According to Wikipedia, Phoenix is a fixed shooter game developed by Taito and released in 1980. Players control a spaceship shooting at incoming enemies while using a force field for protection. The game consists of five stages, with the fifth stage featuring a boss battle, a unique element for the genre at the time.

– jotd: reverse engineering, transcode, graphics conversion
– no9: music
– Christopher from Z80 disassembly and small RE
– PascalDe73: Amiga icons
– mrv2k: flyer
– Toni Galvez: AGA graphics

– 5/fire: insert coin
– 1/up: start 1P game
– left/right joystick/arrows: move ship
– fire/ctrl: shoot
– 2nd button/down/alt: shield

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