Indie Retro News: Shattered Reflection

Indie Retro News: Broken Mirror

Indie Retro News has come across a cool-looking adventure horror game called ‘Broken Mirror’ by Tommie Hansmar with music by 4Gente Zeus Zardax. This game, which is still in preview, may not become a full game, but it’s worth checking out if you enjoy games like Shadowgate. The C64 homebrew game is showcased in the footage provided by Saberman.

Here’s a statement from the developer: “This was originally an interactive fiction game created in a programming language called ALAN IF. Alan is a tool for creating text adventure games. This was the first game I ever created at the Game Assembly in 2009. For years, I’ve wanted to remake this game into a classic point-and-click game, but without the source code or a playable version, it seemed impossible.”

“The turning point came when I started working for the Game Assembly and searched through the game archive. Initially, I found nothing, leading me to believe the game was lost to time. However, after a thorough search, I found the game archived in the wrong place! Although the source code was missing, I found a playable version. I’ve played through the game, rediscovering hidden elements we implemented over ten years ago. Now, I’m excited to code the game over to the C64.”

Original game by: Tobias Nyman, Tommie Hansmar, Natalie Ericsson, Ludvig Myrgren.

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