Indie Retro News: Impossible Mission Remastered

Indie Retro News: Impossible Mission Revised

In 1984, Impossible Mission was released on the C64 by Dennis Caswell and published by Epyx. This iconic game features a mix of genres including platforming, adventuring, and action, along with memorable digitized speech such as “Another visitor, stay awhile, stay forever!” The latest revised edition of the game for the C64, created by Gru, is now available thanks to Saberman’s tip.

The creator of the revised version shared on the Lemon64 forums that they have removed disk protection and fixed code issues related to bombs, CIA register calls, and IRQ calls. The game has been made tidier and smoother for an improved gaming experience.

The revised version includes enhancements inspired by different ports of the game, such as added features like screen shaking when the hero falls and a map that marks emptied rooms. Bugs have been fixed and the game has been polished for a more enjoyable experience.

Improvements include reworked puzzle piece stencils for added challenge, changes to familiar shapes, and a revamped random number generator for unique gameplay every time. The creator expresses their love for the game and is extremely happy with how the revisions turned out.

For more information, including the changelog, visit this link, and to download the revised edition, click here.

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