Indie Retro News: Experience the Action-Packed World of Grind – An Amiga 500 First Person Shooter Powered by the Incredible Dread-Engine! [Latest Update]

Indie Retro News: Grind - A first person shooter for Amiga 500, made with the amazing Dread-Engine! [New Update]

If you’re interested in the latest news about the first person shooter game ‘Dread’ for the Commodore Amiga 500 and above, we have some exciting updates. Tsak has shared on the EAB forums that the game is in development with 2 new tracks and several important milestones achieved. New screenshots and animated gifs showcase the Doom-like experience!

Here are the latest updates from Tsak with the provided links:

1) The game now fully supports Amiga music!

2 new tracks (Menus and in-game) have been added, enhancing the game’s presentation and atmosphere. The technical improvements ensure smooth performance, and the tracks are efficiently designed. Christoffer Magdalus has contributed to the game’s OST.

2) Enhanced particle effects system:

Increased visual effects like blood spills and exploding barrels add to the gameplay experience, making it more satisfying. There are plans to further expand and polish this system.

3) Complete weapons roster:

Each weapon now has secondary attacks, providing more strategic options for players. The gif above showcases the different weapon actions.


– Grind’s Patreon: (Demo)

– Grind’s Pixelglass page:

– Grind’s Discord server:

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