Indie Retro News: Cats ‘n Critters


If you are looking for a family friendly game with cats as the main characters, and can be played by one to two players , then you might like this latest Commodore 64 game from NellyByte Software called ‘ Cats ‘n Critters ‘ : A game in which you play as Maple and Button, and must rid your garden of menacing critters that have invaded your home. To coincide with this news, Saberman has sent us some gameplay footage.

Here’s the latest from the website in brief. “Hedgehogs with razor sharp quills,  swooping hawks and mischievous spiders now roam their once peaceful home, threatening the delicate balance of their garden. But these creatures are not the only visitors…mysterious butterflies have also descended upon the garden, shimmering hues of azure, ruby and amethyst, and each one carrying their own magical secret – the power to grant blessings….and curses. Join Maple and Button as they accept their roles as guardians of the garden and embark upon their quest to remove these menacing critters”

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