Indie Retro News: AlienMSX – A Tribute to “Alien” on the MSX by Rodrigo Siqueira

Indie Retro News: AlienMSX - A nod to "Alien" for the MSX by Rodrigo Siqueira

Due to a delayed news update (due to a bad back), I wanted to highlight Rodrigo Siqueira’s latest MSX platformer ‘AlienMSX’, which was part of the MSXdev24 competition. In this game, players must complete three missions and escape from an alien-infested planet. The game’s stages are inspired by the original movie script. Additionally, Saberman has shared gameplay footage showcasing some levels and traps.

The website describes AlienMSX as follows: “Just last year, we celebrated the 40th anniversary of MSX, and this year marks the 45th anniversary of Alien. What better way to commemorate it than with an unofficial Alien game for MSX? The game took four years to develop, following the classic mantras of ‘it is done when it is done’ and ‘a delayed game is late, but a rushed game is forever bad’. It is now available for all MSX fans to enjoy, even fitting in 32K. AlienMSX is an action platformer with a touch of metroidvania.

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