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Indie Retro News: Final Fight Enhanced

A recent release of an updated version of the Amiga game “Final Fight”, originally published in 1991 by US GOLD, has caught the attention of gaming enthusiasts. This updated version, created by Prototron and team, aims to enhance the gaming experience of this classic beat ’em up title.

When Final Fight was first released in the 90s, it received mixed reviews and was often criticized for its shortcomings. However, this new version promises improvements and changes that set it apart from its predecessor. The game is set in a unique universe, separate from the original Capcom timeline, and features new elements that blend different iterations of the series.

One of the notable additions to the game is the inclusion of Maki as a playable character, with a redesigned moveset and spritework. The creator of this enhanced version, Prototron, emphasized that this project was a personal endeavor to explore the capabilities of the Amiga system and not a commercial release.

The updated version of Final Fight includes new music for the elevator stage, as well as new moves for characters like Guy and Maki. Various bugs have been fixed, such as a crash issue when defeating Belger with a regular punch. Additionally, improvements have been made to animations and collision checks to enhance the overall gaming experience.

For those interested in trying out this enhanced version of Final Fight, the game can be downloaded from the provided link. The project credits Prototron for programming and music, Jolyon Myers for title music, and Ralph for background graphics.

Overall, this updated version of Final Fight breathes new life into a classic game, offering fans a fresh and improved gaming experience.

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