Exciting News for Amiga Fans: Taito’s 1980’s Arcade Game Phoenix is Coming to the Platform with the Help of JOTD

Indie Retro News: Phoenix - 1980's Arcade game by Taito is coming to the Amiga via JOTD

JOTD is no stranger to Indie Retro News, especially with announced Arcade to Amiga conversions/ports such as Moon Patrol, Donkey Kong, Tetris 1200 (AGA), Super Bagman, Karate Champ, Galaxian500 and the personal favorite Super Xevious. It seems he is not taking a break from game news as he recently announced the in-development Arcade to Amiga conversion of Phoenix: A 1980’s Arcade fixed-screen shooter by Taito, with a later release in 1983 for the Atari 2600.

Very early Alpha footage, intro only!

And here’s the latest from JOTD via EAB. “Another easy task you think? C64 can certainly take it while decrypting RSA-encrypted messages? Well. Game uses 12 colors, so no biggie… but… uses 2 layers of tiles, which means… dual playfield, which means 8 colors max per playfield… It’s also a tile-only game which is cool but at the same time annoying because tiles are 8×8 and we can’t use the blitter or HW sprites… We’ll have to use the blitter for double buffering I think. So after a lot of head scratching, I figured out color approximations and adaptation of palette according to current level (not all colors are present at the same time)”.

“Then transcoded game from Z80 disassembly (originally intel 80xx shit but Christopher from arcade museum had the bright idea to disassemble using Z80, which adapts perfectly to my Z80 translater!) Some quite fast but deep RE and transcode from your servant, solving errors & link problems, and all (and after a graphics mockup), and at FIRST boot the amiga version of the game displays this:

“not bad for a few evenings work”.

And that’s all we have on the game so far, but as soon as we know more, we will of course let you know.

Original article by www.indieretronews.com

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