Coverage of Los Angeles Maker Faire 2024 through Photos and Videos

Don’t miss out on checking out the pictures and video from our exhibit at the Los Angeles Maker Faire on April 6, 2024! We had a great turnout with many attendees interested in the Commodore and Amiga computers on display. Special thanks to SCCAN member Jerold K. for his help throughout the day and for showcasing his exhibit using a MIDI keyboard with the C64 and Nintendo Entertainment System.

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Robert Bernardo
Southern California Commodore & Amiga Network –

During set up, we faced some challenges with electrical power and equipment issues, but overall the event was a success. The kids enjoyed playing games on the computers, parents reminisced about classic programs and computers, and technically-minded individuals engaged in discussions about equipment and programming from the past. Flyers were distributed with information about upcoming events, including the April 13-14 Commodore Los Angeles Super Show, which generated interest among attendees.

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