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Indie Retro News: OutRun Arcade

Out Run, released by Sega in 1986, remains one of the greatest racers of all time. Developed by Yu Suzuki, this arcade racer was not only a commercial hit but also one of the best-selling games of its era. The game showcased stunning graphics, incredible music, and fast-paced track racing. Recently, news has surfaced that a reassembler is working on a vastly improved version of Outrun for the Commodore Amiga, aiming to correct the flaws of the original port.

Reassembler provided some insight into the process, stating, “In terms of tools and references, I used VSCode Amiga Assembly, Bare Metal Amiga Programming, The Amiga Hardware Reference Manual, and Python scripts for data translation and speed optimization.” He mentioned that the project began by porting the road code and simulating the custom road hardware, a crucial aspect of the OutRun engine.

Reassembler faced challenges in adapting the game for the AGA hardware with a modest accelerator, but persevered through multiple iterations of rewriting the road hardware layer. The project aimed to keep the original 68K code intact while optimizing it for Amiga hardware specifications. Reassembler streamlined the road priority system and made significant progress in enhancing the game for the Amiga platform.

Although the project is complex and challenging, reassembler remains committed to the endeavor, pouring his energy into learning and improving the Outrun experience. For further updates on the project, visit this link.

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